What my writing means to me.

I recently accepted a project from an overseas client that now in hindsight I regret. I was asked to write 5/ 500 word articles, which isn’t bad, and the pay rate was decent also. The problem I had was the subject of the articles, at first I was hesitant in taking the project, but being a writer as exciting as it is, is also a challenge when work gets thin.

What was the subject? Escort services… Myself personally, I’ve never used one. So at the time in my ignorance of what the majority of escorts actually do, and the need to gain the business of a new client; I took on the project. After all, how bad could it be? Imagine my horror at what I soon discovered… These ladies weren’t simply just model beautiful women serving as eye-candy for businessmen and tourists, in reality they were no more than glorified prostitutes. I know, your probably thinking how that could be possible, best of all legal.

Two articles into the job my conscious had taken enough of a blow, and I quit working on it. I was disgusted beyond belief, and I remembered something Jeff Goins wrote, I think every writer, or anyone who enjoys reading should take a look:


What writing really meant to him. I also thought to myself, is my writing really worth this? Beyond it being one of many means to support myself, didn’t it start as a beloved form of expression. Stories I enjoyed creating, historical events that inspired me.

More than that, to use that to support something I was against morally and spiritually would have been a waste of that gift. I have two beautiful, and intelligent daughters; a mother and sister… I couldn’t imagine seeing them in that position. What man could? I’ll never think of taking another project even similar to that. As a writer, it’s not worth my time regardless of what I’m offered. My writing means more to me than that.


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