Sometimes it’s better to just pick up a good book…

 I found myself channel surfing frantically this previous weekend, bored and exhausted at finding anything that would hold my attention longer than 30 minutes. After sometime of flipping channels, I just turned it off, and looked around my room for something to entertain my mind with, and my eyes settled on my book shelf. While I don’t have a very large variety of books, I do have interesting ones, and I picked one I hadn’t read in a while.

 Needless to say, I found it more enjoyable than staring at the television wishing commercials never existed. Here’s an interesting fact most people know, but we seldom take the time out to reflect upon. The average American, (yes the average…) spends 34 hours a week watching television. This includes digital devices which connects a person to youtube where they can even catch up on missed episodes of their favorite show, or more amateur forms of entertainment that have become popular. Not that I’m totally against Television, and other similar forms of entertainment, rather moderation is key. It can be a great learning tool, but passive at best. There’s very little intellectual stimulation between what’s being viewed, and the viewer. In other words your not required to think, and use critical thinking as much as you would reading a book.

The book I chose to read ‘Images of Organization’ by Gareth Morgan was replete with side notes and comments I made, highlighter marks on points I liked, gave my own personal commentary on, or didn’t agree with and wrote why in the margins. Trying doing that with your television screen or digital device (Please don’t do that! ha ha).



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