Why I choose to be a Freelance writer


” A Muslim man who goes out day after day to earn lawfully for his family is rewarded for every step that he takes in this act of obedience to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Whether he earns or returns home empty handed, he is rewarded by Allah with an eternal reward.” – Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

Choosing to work as a Freelance writer wasn’t a decision that I jumped right into, thinking back to my decision to pursue it as a career I can honestly say I lost some sleep over it. I’ve gotten a lot of criticism from people when asked what I do for a living, most often positive, but at times pessimistic. “Why waste your time doing something that doesn’t guarantee a sufficient living wage?”, or ” Why not just find a real job?” is what I’m most often asked.

Simple answer, I love what I do. Prior to pursuing a career as a writer I had been out of work for over a year. I was becoming frustrated that each application, each interview brought very few results in landing a job. I finally realized that I was looking at the situation in a way that was holding me back, I was approaching it from the wrong perspective. It wasn’t so much find a job, any job to pay the bills; rather finding an occupation that I’m passionate about and through that developing a means to generate income.

It takes more than just a love of reading and writing that makes a successful freelance writer, as with any freelance specialty it takes creativity, drive and a passion to keep moving forward in the face of rejection. This is a lesson I learned in pursuing something I honestly love doing. It’s not so much being my own boss as people may often think of freelancing, but rather getting up every morning ecstatic to fulfill a purpose using the God given talents and abilities I’m blessed with.


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